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“Architecture keeps no secrets. It is the great communicator. It tells us everything we need to know, and more, about those who conceive and build the structures that define our cities and our time.

We sense instantly whether their vision was mean or grand: whether they felt responsible only to themselves and the bottom line or to a larger idea of society and the world”

Ada Louise Huxtable

from “Clash of Symbols” (1997)

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“Building at this level requires tremendous resources and patience”
Luxury Ralph Lauren-Inspired Townhouses Hit the Market in Moscow
“The Akimovs are unique in their commitment to the trappings of the Beaux Arts tradition, and to a level of detailing that, “especially in New York, people don’t do anymore simply because it’s too expensive.”
Upper East Side, Moscow: The Noble Row Townhouses
«The address of the house is the key information that characterizes the person, tells immediately which circle this person belongs to».
«Way back home»
«Perfect restoration, congratulations» - the experts of British Architectural Community said. But the fact is that Noble Row is a house built between 2015 and 2017».
Vyacheslav Volkov
«RBC TV – Made in Russia»
«Eleven months were spent on construction works and another ten months were needed to perform interior decoration works. And that’s all. Six houses representing the most charming and romantic interior style of America quietly appeared in the heart of Moscow just like an amazing and absolutely habitable decorations for movies shoot by Henry James stories».
Eugenia Mikulina Editor-in- chief
AD Russia
«Newly built houses of such quality and elegance as Noble Row are very hard to find nowadays even in Europe».
Alan Thompson, Head of International Development Department of
International Investment Bank
Noble Row represents an amazing team of talented people from all over the world: craftsmen, architects, builders and designers from Canada, France, US and Russia. It was this group of amazingly talented artists and artisans that worked in harmony together to create something that was completely unique, really built with such an attention to detail that rarely happens today.
Michael Cox, co-founder of
Foley&Cox design-bureau
«We got acquainted with the development projects of APD and we were impressed by their high level of quality and exclusivity. Noble Row is absolutely unique.».
Christopher Peacock – President of
Christopher Peacock company
«Noble Row - is a dream project, of course. Today no one, except for private clients in their own houses, spends so much time and energy on transforming such projects as this into reality. This requires too much work and patience.».
Gregory Tuck – Head of
Gregory Tuck Architecture bureau